Thanks to La Jolla’s awesome weather, people are always outside and staying fit. Depending on where you’re staying, going for a jog along the coast can be a great way to stay in shape while also absorbing the coastal scenary. Or if you live here, then consider these spots to enjoy a nice workout without ever having to leave the neighborhood. 

Video Transcription

Hey guys, Marvin here again. I consider myself a bit of a fitness enthusiast, also an outdoorsman, so I’m going to let you know my three favorite places to run and be active in La Jolla.

First and foremost is definitely Coast Boulevard down at La Jolla Cove. It’s right in front of most of the hotels down there, maybe it’s right in front of your hotels. You can go as far up and down the coast as you like, see all kinds of things. One of my favorite places on that run is definitely La Jolla Children’s Pool. It’s a beach where there are just seals all over the beach constantly and you can actually walk out onto the little balcony where the waves crash. It’s pretty nice. There’s also gondolas and a lot of good surf breaks down there.

My second favorite would be Windansea beach. It’s a bit south. Maybe a mile or two south of La Jolla Cove. It’s one of the biggest landmarks in La Jolla. The Shack there was put up in the fifties and it’s probably the best surf break. You’re gonna see a lot of athletes down there, doing their thing.

My third favorite, not in any particular order here, would definitely be the bike path. It’s a little bit east, but it’s a path where people ride their bicycles, walk the dogs. It’s kind of just integrated in the community and you can just get a good workout and see a lot of things there as well.

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